Wax candles

Wax candles

100% Beeswax is completely superior for making candles. Candles can be diped without additives, it smells good, it burns evenly and with bright flame and it burns for a long time but above all so burns non-toxic!I’m alwys looking forward to the autumn when the beekeeping season is over, I steep beeswax candles in traditional forms.

Block candles natural scented candles without additions.

All bee wax candles have a nice scent but as the pool of molten wax is larger on  block candles therefore they give of a stronger cent. The fin honey scent from a wax candle is among the most soothing things I know, it is simply not possible feel stressed when you have a burning wax candle on the table.


Caring for a wax candle

There is not really much difference between taking care of a wax candle and a paraffin or candles, however, there are a few things to consider.Since Bees wax  candles burn at higher temperatures, they need a thicker wick so it is usually best to extinguish the flame wit a candle snuffer to avoid smoke.

Are beeswax candles expensive?

100% beeswax candles cost significantly more than candles of paraffin so what’s the difference?

  • The first and biggest difference is that beeswax is a non-toxic natural product. Paraffin is made of what remains at the bottom of the tank in an oil refinery when they made gasoline.
  • Beeswax candles burn longer. About twice as long as a candle and 3 times as long as a paraffin candle.
  • If you compare with hand-diped stearic candles and hand-diped candles of 100% beeswax, the price difference is marginal as the main cost is the labor.

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